Before & After Results

Before and after photos from various treatments at Dr.Salon

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PDT Sun damage treatment Dr.Salon
PDT Sun damage treatment Dr.Salon
PDT Acne treatment Dr.Salon


Wrinkle Reduction (crows feet)

Plasmage wrinkle reduction before, during and after


Dermal Filler

Nose Augmentation (non-surgical)

non surgical Nose Job

Jawline Definition

Chin filler, jawline dermal filler Perth Dr Tammy

Chin Augmentation

Dermal filler Chin

Facelift (non-surgical)

dermal filler face lift
dermal filler face lift

Cheek and Tear Trough

cheek filler for men at Dr.Salon
cheek and tear trough filler for men at Dr.Salon


Soft Blepharoplasty (non-surgical)


Eyelid Lift (soft blepharoplasty).

Eyelid Lift (Blepharoplasty)



Dissolvable Suture Facelift (Threadlift)

Threadlift with Silhoutte Soft Dr.Salon


 Fat Dissolving

Double Chin reduction, after 1 session. Recommendation is 2-4 sessions learn more.

Belkyra chin reduction Perth
Belkyra chin reduction Perth Dr.Salon


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