Spider veins or telangiectasia, those small blue, red or purple veins can form anywhere in the leg. Sclerotherapy is a procedure which is non surgical and recommended for veins smaller than 4mm in diameter.

Examination of the leg vein system for causative factors of varicose veins and history for any relevant medical condition will be performed by our doctor and an ultrasound scan may be required prior to treatment. Several microinjections will deliver the soapy solution into the unsightly veins to shrink and collapse them.

Foam sclerotherapy may be used as it is more effective for larger calibre veins.

Compression stocking is advised to be worn up to 10 days and a booklet with post procedure protocol to enhance outcomes will be provided.

Complete resolution of spider veins is not achievable but a 70-80% improvement can be observed after each session. Follow-up of treatment for revision and management of new dilated veins can be performed after 2-3 months.