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About Everything Skin

Everything Skin is more than just a clinic; we’re your friendly allies in enhancing your natural beauty. Whether you’re considering cosmetic injectables or seeking rejuvenating skin treatments, our comprehensive range of services are designed to empower and elevate you. 

Located in the heart of Bicton, we combine medical mastery with a deep passion for helping you achieve your aesthetic goals. With a genuine focus on your needs, we ensure that each treatment is customised to suit your unique preferences. From the moment you step through our doors, you’ll experience a sense of belonging and trust, knowing that you’re in the hands of caring professionals.

Embrace a transformational journey where your beauty dreams become reality. At Everything Skin, we’re not just about skin deep; we’re about empowering you, building confidence, and helping you shine. Discover the expertise, warmth, and unwavering support that define us – because at Everything Skin, your radiance is our joy.

Director / Doctor

Dr Tammy Tai

Meet Dr. Tammy Tai: Advanced Aesthetic Excellence

Renowned for her unwavering commitment to excellence and a genuine, personable approach, Dr. Tammy Tai stands as a beacon of expertise in the realm of advanced aesthetic medicine. With a dedicated pursuit of specialized training and a wealth of experience, she empowers her patients to achieve and maintain their most sophisticated aesthetic aspirations.

Dr. Tammy’s journey began at the esteemed Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, laying the foundation for her career, before pursuing postgraduate studies in the sub-specialized field of Dermatology at Cardiff University in Wales, and advanced skin surgery certification at the University of Queensland.

Fueling her passion for staying at the forefront of her field, Dr. Tammy expanded her skill set with laser accreditation and became a certified Fellow of the Cosmetic Physicians College of Australasia, earning her place among the pioneers of modern aesthetic medicine. Her commitment to education is unwavering, as she imparts her knowledge to fellow physicians and nurses.

As a Silhouette Soft Premium Thread Lift and Ellanse Trainer, Dr. Tammy remains closely attuned to industry trends, solidifying her position as a key influencer in Australian Aesthetic Medicine. She takes immense pride in transforming her patients’ lives by delivering tangible, real results.

In her role as the esteemed Director, she masterfully fuses medical expertise and exceptional eye for beauty. Beyond the aesthetic and medical realm, Dr Tammy indulges her passion for exploration, often embarking on journeys to experience different parts of the world, and delights in fine cuisine. Moreover, her enthusiasm for golf adds yet another dimension to her rich tapestry of interests. 

In the dynamic interplay between medical leadership and delivering outstanding results, Dr Tammy shapes an inspiring narrative that marries the art of the Medicial and Aesthetic fields.


Junior Partner / Registered Nurse

Charmaine Chan​

Meet our Senior Cosmetically Trained Registered Nurse Injector Charmaine. A luminary in her field with an impressive eight-year journey marked by unparalleled expertise. A distinguished protégé of Dr. Tammy Tai, she has flourished into the Junior Director of Everything Skin.

Her approach is as unique as everyone, crafting personalized treatments that reflect her devotion to enhancing natural allure. A firm believer in symmetry and harmony, her goal is to create well-proportioned faces that radiate authenticity.

Beyond the field of medical aesthetics, you’ll find her on globetrotting adventures, surrounded by fine cuisine, dance and music.

A captivating blend of talent and approachability, Charmaine seamlessly enhances not only her patient’s appearance, but confidence. Her dedication to her craft illuminates her as a guiding star of Perth’s cosmetic landscape.


Meet The Team

cosmetic clinic perth skincare

Hannah Smith

Clinic Manager

Introducing Hannah, a dedicated professional with a profound background in dermal therapy. She thrives as the Manager of Everything Skin by Dr Salon, where her passion for skin health and wellness shines through. With a holistic approach as her guiding principle, Hannah views the face and skin as more than just physical entities – they are windows to the overall well-being. 

Drawing from her extensive knowledge in dermal therapy, Hannah skillfully understands the body’s interconnected systems. 

Her expertise goes beyond the surface, delving into the intricate ways in which lifestyle, diet, and emotional health impact our vitality.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Hannah finds solace by the beachside, accompanied by her loyal dog and partner. These moments influence her blend of creative and strategic thinking. 

Each day she ensures that the clinic operates seamlessly, while fostering a team culture that values client care and exceptional results. 

cosmetic clinic perth skincare

Reika Tanikado

Registered Nurse / Dermal Clinician

Presenting Reika, our Cosmetically Trained Registered Nurse Injector. She stands as a testament to the seamless blend of intelligence, aesthetics, and marketing prowess in the realm of beauty. With a keen eye for enhancing natural allure, she emerges in the world of aesthetic treatments.

Armed with extensive training under Dr Tammy and Nurse Charmaine, she deftly transforms her clients’ aspirations into reality, delivering results that reflect not only technical ability but genuine care.

Leading our social media and marketing, she not only communicates, but educates and inspires. This dynamic approach showcases expertise and dedication to the art of the medical and beauty industry.

As a beacon of intellect, Reika has garnered a following of clients who value not just her skills but also her compassionate approach and calming manner. In her hands, the path to enhancing one’s features evolves into a journey defined by trust, comforting warmth, natural aesthetic improvement – and exquisitely balanced lips!

cosmetic clinic perth skincare

Heidi Jones

Senior Dermal Clinician

Heidi, your trusted dermal and beauty virtuoso.

With a rich tapestry of experience and an unyielding commitment to the art of enhancing natural beauty, Heidi stands as an embodiment of excellence in the world of dermal and beauty therapy.

Having honed her craft over her extensive years in the industry, Heidi possesses a profound understanding of the intricacies of skin and beauty. This has been cultivated through a journey of continuous learning, drawing insights from the latest advancements and techniques in the field.

Each treatment is meticulously tailored to address individual needs, ensuring not only outward transformations but also the nurturing of inner confidence. The ability to fuse science with aesthetics empowers her to administer treatments that go beyond skin deep.

Whether it’s a revitalizing facial, an age-defying procedure, or a beauty-enhancing ritual, Heidi’s touch is imbued with expertise, precision, and artistry.

cosmetic clinic perth skincare

Lei Zhang

Registered Nurse

Registered Nurse Lei is a dynamic professional with a passion for both healthcare and the cosmetic industry.  

Her commitment to lifelong learning is evident in her meticulous pursuit of further education, ensuring she stays at the forefront of new practices. Lei’s unique role at Everything Skin as both a nurse and a marketing expert reflects her diverse skill set. 

She seamlessly combines her medical knowledge throughout her cosmetic treatments, leaving clients feeling educated and beautiful. Her calming nature and multilingual ability allows patients to feel listened to, and exceptionally comfortable under her care. 

Lei’s skills create an invaluable asset to the team.

cosmetic clinic perth skincare

Rhona Brooksbank


Rhona is our dedicated behind-the-scenes multitasker at Everything Skin. 

As the resident handywoman, she ensures the clinic runs smoothly, fixing any issues that arise. Rhona’s meticulous work results in Everything Skin providing the highest standards of quality, not only in the room but throughout the wider business. Her role extends beyond the backend technicalities, as a strong support system to the team.

When she isn’t supporting Everything Skin, you’ll find Rhona travelling around, or playing golf.

Rhona’s dedication and behind-the-scenes efforts are instrumental in making Everything Skin a trusted name in the skincare industry.


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Results that speak for themselves. Discover the incredible transformations our clients have achieved and see why Everything Skin by Dr Salon is becoming one of Perth’s leading skincare and cosmetic clinics.