Harnessing the inherent power of hyaluronic acid, which is enriched with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, Bio-Remodelling Injections counteract the natural decline of this essential sugar molecule that occurs with age. This non-invasive treatment offers a gentle and gradual enhancement, addressing concerns such as skin laxity, dehydration, and the effects of aging.

During treatment, highly concentrated hyaluronic acid is gradually released to the epidermis, concurrently stimulating fibroblast cells in the deeper dermal layers. This dual-action process heightens the natural production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, culminating in rejuvenated skin that radiates vitality.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do bio-remodelling injections last?

You should begin to see results one week after your first treatment, however, full results are best seen six to eight weeks after your second treatment. It is recommended to have a treatment every six months to maintain results.

What are bio-remodelling injections?

This treatment is designed as an injectable anti-aging treatment, made from a high concentration of hyaluronic acid to improve the entire skin surface by reducing wrinkles and increasing skin volume. These injections combat the natural decline of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid as we age. The specialised formula, combining high and low-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid, stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis, enhancing skin quality and counteracting aging effects.

What are the side effects of bio-remodelling?

As with any medical procedure, there are potential risks to be aware of. Some patients may experience mild discomfort or bruising after the treatment. Temporary small bumps at the injection site are normal and usually resolve within 24 hours.

Who is bio-remodelling suitable for?

Bio-remodelling is suitable for anyone experiencing mild wrinkles, dullness, elasticity loss, hydration issues and laxity. These changes usually begin around the age of 30, due to genetics and lifestyle. Bio-remodelling injections effectively counter premature aging, crepey skin and enhance hydration. We recommend waiting two weeks after receiving any vaccination before receiving this procedure.

What happens after a bio-remodelling treatment?

After your treatment, we’ll provide you with information about aftercare, which is comparable to a standard injectable procedure. You can usually go back to your normal activities after the treatment. For the initial 24 hours, please refrain from applying makeup to the treated area or engaging in intense exercise. Additionally, avoid touching your face or putting pressure on the area that was treated.

What's the difference between bio-remodelling injections and dermal fillers?

Bio-remodelling is a hyaluronic acid-based treatment that is designed to hydrate the skin. Unlike dermal fillers, which are injected into specific areas of the face to add volume, bio-remodelling is injected into multiple areas of the face to improve skin quality.

What is the bio-remodelling treatment process?

Most patients will require two sessions, one month apart, whereas other patents may require three sessions at monthly intervals. Results can last about six months and to maintain the best results, the treatment cycle can be carried out twice a year. Over three to four weeks, the product kickstarts the production of elastin, remodelling the skin tissue and giving it a plumper and tighter look, radiating a natural glow.

Where can bio-remodelling injections be administered?

Bio-remodelling injections are usually administered into the tops of cheeks, side of the face, lines around the mouth, nasolabial folds and laugh lines. It can also be used to improve the appearance of the skin around the neck, chest and decolletage, or anywhere on the body to achieve tighter, firmer and more hydrated skin.

Can I get bio-remodelling injections along with laser resurfacing treatments?

Bio-remodelling injections must not be used in concurrence with treatments such as laser resurfacing and medium to deep chemical peels.

Can I get bio-remodelling injections if I'm pregnant?

Bio-remodelling injections are not recommended for individuals who are pregnant, breastfeeding, have a skin infection or are allergic to hyaluronic acid.

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