Non Surgical Augmentation

We offer a range of same day, non surgical augmentations, for those who are seeking to correct mild to moderate imperfections.


Non-surgical Nose Job
A liquid rhinoplasty is performed using dermal fillers to sculpt and define the shape of the nose. Small injections of dermal filler into very precise locations throughout the nose can raise the bridge of the nose and refine the tip.


Jawline Definition using Dermal filler

2mls $1100
Dermal filler can be used to create definition and improve structure helping to even out facial proportions.


Chin Augmentation

1ml $550

Can also be achieved with fillers and if required muscle relaxers to smooth the texture of the chin.


Non Surgical Facelift aka Liquid facelift with long lasting dermal filler.


Eyelid Lift (soft blepharoplasty). Reduces wrinkly eyelids and hooding. Creates a double eyelid for Asian eyes.


Dissovable Suture Facelift PDO threads, Silhouette threads


Double Chin reduction, after 1 session. Recommendation is 2-4 sessions