Tear Trough Filler: A Guide to Treatment and Benefits

Just like wrinkles and fine lines, deep tear troughs are all part of the aging process (and sometimes, genetics), but they don’t have to be a permanent fixture on your face if you don’t want them to be. 

Tear trough filler is a common treatment to help your under-eye area look less sunken and much brighter. 

Let’s dive into the basics of tear trough filler and break down what this treatment entails, and why it might be an option for you. 

What’s a tear trough? 

The tear trough area is underneath your lower eyelids and above your cheek. This area of the face gets deeper and what appears to be “eye bags” and ‘dark circles’ becomes more apparent over time.  This occurrence is often formed by loss of subcutaneous fat with thinning of the skin under the eyes. 

Why get filler in your tear trough?

Tear trough filler is an effective non-surgical way to add volume to the deep grooves  under the eyes. 

There are three main benefits to getting tear trough filler:

1. Helps improve the appearance of dark circle under the eyes

By adding filler under the eyes, we add distance between your skin and the blood vessels underneath (the cause of the ‘dark circle’ appearance), which brightens the eye area immediately. 

2. Makes them look less sunken

By physically padding out the space under the eyes, the groove is ‘filled’ in and appears less hollow. This can help make you appear less tired and provide a nicer aesthetic to the facial contours. 

3. Can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Adding a specifically formulated filler to the tear trough also adds volume, which immediately evens out any indentations including fine lines and wrinkles. 

What happens during the tear trough filler procedure?

Tear trough filler is typically injected into your under-eye area using a fine needle. It’s very similar to other types of filler treatments. Usually, a local anesthetic is used to minimise any potential discomfort. 

The whole procedure only takes about 15-20 minutes to complete before you can walk out the door. Downtime is minimal  and you’ll be able to go about most of your usual duties as it’s generally just your under-eye area that may be swollen or slightly bruised. 

The tear trough treatment can last anywhere between 18-24  months, depending on your age, health and metabolism. 

Who usually gets tear through filler?

Our skin and the fat pads under our skin lose volume as we get older. However, some individuals may be more genetically inclined to already have deep tear troughs throughout their life. 

A good candidate for tear trough filler is someone with moderate under-eye circles, wrinkles or hollows. People who have serious eye conditions and allergies may not be good candidates. For example, those with a lot of loose skin under their eyes may benefit from a surgical or combo-treatment approach. 

Remember, it’s always best to check with a medical professional before making any decisions about treatment.  

Chat to us about your next treatment 

Tear trough filler can provide a safe and effective way to improve or potentially transform the overall appearance of your under-eye area. 

If you’ve been investigating some before and afters of tear trough filler and you’re curious to find out if you’re a good candidate, you’ll need to talk to our team and book a complimentary consultation. As qualified healthcare providers, we’ll assess your under-eye area to determine if tear trough filler is right for you. 

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